4:00PM | Friday, November 15, 2019
Marian Hall | Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception


The Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers (IEEE) established the S-PAC as a career growth and professional awareness conference that focuses on bringing both the students and professional worlds together for a networking event and seminar on engineering related topics. This year, The Memphis Section of IEEE has organized a variety of engineering societies from Arkansas State University, Christian Brothers University, The University of Memphis, Tennessee Tech, and Mississippi State University to participate in the S-PAC.
Approximately 150 electrical, computer, mechanical, chemical, biomedical, and civil engineering students from these four universities will participate in the conference. The IEEE will provide nationally distinguished speakers who will give presentations on Ethics and “Contagious Networking.” Students who participate in the conference will provide resumes, which will be bound and given to all Gold and Diamond event sponsors.

Why Participate?

STUDENTS: This is your opportunity to learn, network, and develop as young engineers. Learn about how you can overcome the economic obstacles and enrich your engineering career.  Network with professionals and peers. Your future boss could be one of our sponsors or one of your peers from another school!  When you register, you can e-mail your résumé to us (see resume guidelines,) which will be given to all Gold and Diamond sponsors!  Most importantly, this is an opportunity for you to develop as an individual and expand your knowledge of the engineering community and profession as a whole.
PROFESSIONALS: As a college student did you think about: graduate school or the corporate world? Did you think, “Where should I apply for a job? Will I be happy doing this ten years down the road? What kind of salary should I expect?” WELL, students are still  asking the same questions. This is an opportunity for you as a professional engineer to give back to the engineers of tomorrow by attending this conference and sharing your knowledge and expertise.
SPONSORS: 150 students! 4 universities! All in one place! Instead of driving all over the region looking for engineers to hire, simply spend one evening enjoying a delectable dinner and mingle with students in a casual environment.  Moreover, if you are a Gold or Diamond sponsor we will give you all of their resumes to take back with you!